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TNT Sleep™

— A NEW STRATEGY for ‘Thought-Provoked’ INSOMNIA

PLEASE NOTE – This website is still under construction.  Last Updated 14 Jan 2009.

The main purpose of this website is to explain TNT Sleep™ … a new, simple and effective, MIND-ONLY method that can assist you to fall asleep WHENEVER and WHEREVER you desire.

This method is so easy to learn and use that, besides being beneficial in cases of chronic insomnia, it’s even appropriate for people who only rarely have sleep problems, such as those trying to sleep on long-haul flights.

This technique will be explained in a short ‘e-book’ (downloadable PDF book) and a conventional printed ‘handbook’.   The technique is one you can easily learn and then apply in those situations where it’s just your own mental activity or constant worrying that is stopping you from falling asleep, or from returning to sleep once awoken.

However, if you believe that your sleep problems could be a result of sleep apnoea (a breathing disorder involving frequent interruption to breathing during sleep), then this website may not be for you - although the Sleep Links may still be of use.   Sleep apnoea can be a significant health danger so, if concerned, you should seek a medical diagnosis from your GP reasonably soon.

At present, while the e-book and other resources are being finalised, and scientific trials of the method by a recognised Australian sleep laboratory are being considered, this website is still available to provide you with introductory information and to allow you to register your interest in learning more about the method upon its future release.   Registration is completely free and without obligation and you may delete your registration at any time.

Your registration details will NOT be disclosed to any third party and the only emails or correspondence you will receive will be to advise you of progress being made in any laboratory sleep studies and to indicate when the e-book and any other associated materials have become available.   At the appropriate time you may place an order, or cancel your registration completely or even just keep your registration on file so that you can still receive information advising of any related products that might be offered in the future (e.g. CD’s or DVD’s explaining and demonstrating the technique).

The missing link in most other sleep advice

The one inadequacy in virtually all the advice available on getting to sleep, or returning to sleep once awoken, is that it provides no reliable technique that an average person can REGULARLY use when it’s only the activity of their own mind that is preventing sleep.

Some techniques work well at first but, because they are basically difficult, time-consuming or boring, they lose their effectiveness because the sufferer finds them more tedious than the insomnia itself – a bit like that expensive piece of exercise equipment that starts to gather dust in the corner of the room after just a few months of enthusiastic use.

Unlike other methods, after minimal practice you will find that TNT Sleep is effective, simple and quick and doesn’t become boring.